17 Jun 2020 Hong Kong Emerged as Largest Foreign Investor in Myanmar

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Hong Kong Emerged as Largest Foreign Investor in Myanmar

According to Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) of Myanmar, Hong Kong is has emerged as the largest foreign investor in Myanmar in fiscal year 2019/2020. The operation of the investors from Hong Kong in Myanmar are inevitable to a certain extent. However, a survey of members by Myanmar Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MHKCCI), most investors from Hong Kong have no intention to drastically change their current investment strategy in Myanmar despite Covid-19.

Mr Ivan Tam Chi Wah, CEO of i-Land Industrial Park, a member of MHKCCI said “Indeed we are seeing more garment manufacturing moving from the Mainland China and Hong Kong. More than 80% of our clients are labor-intensive garment manufacturers. Recently more clients are from diverse industries like dyeing, plastic injection and electronics assembly. Our industrial park is also expanding to meet the commercial and residential demands”.



根据缅甸投资及公司局(DICA)的最新一季数据显示,香港成为缅甸本财政年度的第一大外资来源。 疫情之下,港商在缅甸的业务难免受到一定影响。 不过,缅甸香港总商会的问卷调查亦显示,大多数港商无意因为这几个月的疫情,而大幅改变现时在缅甸的投资战略。

至于成衣制造业,i-Land 工业城总裁谭志华提到,近年有不少内地及香港的成衣制造业投资者来缅甸设厂。 他说:「我们的客户有八成以上来自劳工密集的成衣制造业,并在近年陆续有漂染厂、注塑及电子装配等各行各业进驻。 我们的工业城亦要扩充以迎接商业和住宅等其他需求。 」

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