29 Aug 2018 Financial Donation for Flood Relief and Recovery

The recent monsoon downpours have caused serious flooding across Myanmar, including Bago Region.  We know that flood has destroyed over 200,000 acres of paddy in Bago Region, and more than 150,000 people have been displaced.  People’s normal life were badly interrupted.  

We understand that “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”.  To express our concern and care of the community, i-Land Park Myanmar Limited donated 10,000,000 kyats to help people who are in need.  We hope that the flood-affected people to overcome the difficulties and get back to their normal life soon.

Ms Ashley Chan, Business Development Director of i-Land Industrial Park Holding Pte Ltd was handing over the relief donation to the Minister Colonel Hla Myo Shwe, Minister of Security and border Affairs. 

缅甸遭遇近十年來最嚴重水災,多處地方村庒農田遭洪水侵袭,致超過15萬人被迫撤离家園,農民损失惨重。勃固也有部份地區受水災影响。为表关怀, I-Land 工業园昨日透过勃固省政府代转現金捐款予救災部,希望略盡绵力幫助受水灾影响人仕。期望他们努力渡过难关,早日恢复正常生活。

缅甸遭遇十年来最严重的水灾,多处地方村庄农田遭洪水侵袭,导致超过15万人民被迫撤离家园,农田损失惨重。勃固也有部分地区遭受水灾影响。为表关怀,i-Land 工业园昨日经过勃固省政府代为转交现金捐款致缅灾区,略尽绵力提供力所能及的帮助受水灾影响的灾民。希望他们努力度过难关,早日恢复正常生活。

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