Our Range Of Facilities

Our facilities and services excite the modern business owner, whilst waiting attentively on the community at large, favouring an active landscape in a campus environment. From park-wide Wifi coverage to amenities that provide utmost convenience, i-Landers will feel right at home.


Security Center

A devoted management and well-trained security team resides in our domestic Security Center. i-Land invests in the best security systems to safeguard premises and occupants. Manned security posts and regular patrol ensures the safety of personnel and product. These are coordinated and briefed daily in the center, along with evaluation and maintenance of security features.


Expatriate Villa

Resort-style villas and condominiums, fully furnished and air-conditioned, are available for purchase, short or long term lease. Feel right at home with private verandas, and landscaped to produce privacy and comfort. Housekeeping services are also at your disposal.



Erected in different zones, various buildings are built for expatriates, management-level staff, to blue collar workers. Dormitories for workers can cost as low as 10 dollars a month per person. Multi-purpose communal spaces will be appreciated around the living quarters.


Medical Center

Medical staff are on standby 24/7 in the center to insure health protection of all i-Landers, and administer first aid or emergency services. The center is fully equipped with basic health preservation essentials and a detailed dispensary. A pharmacy also resides within the center.


Logistics Solution

An “intelligent” logistics center will be established to help the investors to waste less space for warehousing and focus more on manufacturing, which will reduce cost and increase efficiency. We provide smart storage solutions and intelligent inventorying. An experienced team will review and revise logistical issues, automatically.


Utility Management and General Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining the value of the Park will require constant evaluation of its grounds keeping; maintenance and repair of the roads, parking lots, signage and lighting; cleaning; management and maintenance of building systems (electrical, plumbing, communications); and general repairs and maintenance.


Building Services

Offering services such as mechanical help, daily cleaning, and constructional issues. With timely facade and pipeline maintenance. Other ad-hoc services can also be procured through the administration.


Conference Halls

A versatile conference hall will be available for business meetings and events. i-Land will host a variety of conferences and functions, but it is also open to bookings for private seminars and other purposes. It is fully furnished with essential audio-visual attachments and supplies, together with a main control room.


Food Court and Restaurant

Every zone will have its designated food court and cafeteria, with an in-house quality inspection team. Both renowned and new restaurants and cafes are dotted over the park and within the malls.


Shop and Play

You will be spoilt for choice with a wide range of retail shops that crowd the malls and line the shophouses. They include recreational services for i-Landers to rejuvenate and relax. Various supermarkets will cater to all your daily needs.


Day Care Center

An all-inclusive Day Care Center will accommodate the park’s children in a safe, healthy, and learning environment. Professional caregivers will ensure your kids have fun in a loving environment.