Our Company

i-Land offers companies outstanding infrastructure, from electricity power houses, centralized effluent treatment plants, logistic centers to dry ports. To manage customer needs, they are supported with quality services and continuous support through our professional teams, providing professional assistance in insurance, IT, marketing, and more.

Our Vision

Striving to create meaningful partnerships and prosperous communities through sustainable means, being exemplars of community solidarity values, resulting in a thriving and responsible environment.

Our Mission

i-Land is to be the fastest growing industrial zone with focus on long-term customer relations. We pride ourselves in providing new solutions for industrial investors, forging strong and lasting alliances with them.

i-Land will be a role model in the region by providing possibilities for green development, being a beau idéal in the private industrial park arena.

Building Prosperity

i-Land’s management team not only strives to facilitate all business operations, it has also invested heavily in enterprising partnerships with resident companies. We believe in in the power of communal efforts and building prosperity together. i-Land’s business-development team welcomes all investment propositions, and works to cultivate new business opportunities for you. Whether it is a new distribution line you would like to pursue, or an online market you wish to venture into, i-Land’s vast network and resources will be beneficial to help your goals come into fruition.

Forming Communities

Embracing the interdependency of all things, i-Land firmly believes in the values of community solidarity. Its built-environment clearly reflects such efforts, & trust in the potency of the collective. Communication and social participation are what the biggest companies thrive off, and essentially what contributes to the well-being of an individual. Our efforts to form a healthy community is not only found in our architecture blueprint, but also in a plethora of programs focused on intermutual business development, all the way down to workers’ recreation. Work, Live, Play in i-Land.

Creating Opportunities

We believe a prospering environment not only facilitates production, but also constantly create opportunities for faster growth. From our vocational schools and programs, and a keen-eyed business development department to spot substantial prospects, you will be well placed for your business to flourish.