Welcome To i-Land Myanmar

i-Land Industrial Park is a 400-acre, eco-strategised new development located in Bago Region,  purposefully positioned en route between former capital Yangon and current capital Naypyidaw.  It is designed to be a fully self-contained, integrated industrial park, with a resource-driven spectrum of facilities , essential to businesses that wish to stay ahead. These include our very own electricity power house, centralized effluent treatment plant, logistic centre and dry port. We also feature amenities  like food courts, restaurants, schools, and supermarkets. Wifi coverage spans the entire park! Keeping you connected to the world anywhere you go. The comprehensive infrastructure and dynamic facilities are ideal for businesses to site their manufacturing operations at i-Land. Phase 1 development has begun.


Building Prosperity

i-Land not only strives to facilitate all business operations, it also invested heavily in enterprising partnerships with resident companies. We believe in the power of communal efforts and building prosperity together.


Forming Communities

Embracing the interdependency of all things, i-Land firmly believes in the values of community solidarity.  Its built-environment clearly reflects such efforts, and trust in the potency of the collective.


Creating Opportunities

We believe a prospering environment not only facilitates production, but also constantly creates opportunities for faster growth. From our frequent budgetary initiatives, you will be well placed for your business to flourish.

Latest News And Events

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  • Hong Kong Emerged as Largest Foreign Investor in Myanmar

    HK01 by 伍振中 | Thursday, 11 June 2020 Hong Kong Emerged as Largest Foreign Investor in Myanmar According to Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) of Myanmar, Hong Kong is has...

  • Visitors from China, India and Hong Kong

    i-Land welcoming delegations from mainland China, India and Hong Kong on 15 and 16 November 2019. We are glad to exchange our experiences and insights of doing business in Myanmar with the respective ...

  • Ka-Htein Festival

    Ka-htain festival (Kahtein Robe Offering Ceremony) involves in many different Myanmar festivals as Burmese people usually celebrate showing their nature of offering. At monasteries all around Myanmar,...

A Total Solution With An Integrated Infrastructure

i-Land is a fully self-contained, resource-sufficient industrial park. It does more than support business operations; the park creates a lifestyle-meets-livelihood environment with a townscape concept. Apart from an industrial settlement, backed up by our own energy plant, brimming with logistical and vocational support systems, the park also embodies a range of residencies from dormitories, to villas with controlled access. These are further surrounded by township amenities like mixed-development buildings, retail malls, restaurants & cafes, community facilities, and many more.

Built With The Natural Environment In Mind

i-Land is built with green values, and implements eco-friendly measures. We bring true meaning to the term Longevity, through architectural ingenuity and mindful directorship. Our green buildings minimalise impact on the environment, coupled with solar technology to harvest clean energy, and a stormwater management system equipped with a bioretention swale. Our botanical landscape is sure to promote green habits in both business and domestic practices. Feel good and feel proud.

Strong Regional Positioning With Growth Concentration
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